Friendship is not like the light

That you can turn on,

Or turn off anytime you wish it to.

Friendship is like the darkness;

Always present around you –

Scary, yet comforting.

Unlike the light,

It is neither harsh

Nor changes with time flying by.

Light changes, as does time.

But darkness remains forever

Covered and overshadowed

Sometimes by the light.


I Was…I Am

I used to be an object


I was fought over, pulled under;

I came with a tag, a name

A price at which I could be bought

For the sake of belonging

I was a gift, I was valued

And I knew who i was.

But now i am human,

I am not meat to fit in

But to stand out

I am not who I claim to be

At no price will I belong

I may be alone, a stranger

But I’m human

Hello world!

I started this blog so that i can share my poetry, my thoughts, and my life…. Cause by sharing these things in life i dont lose them, but instead i expand my horizons of learning…. 🙂