Colder Side of Hell

I don’t want this silence anymore No, it is deafening and pleading I can taste the stale rage And feel the power of madness in you No, this silence is looming; I feel shut in a closed room With only blank walls Silent – And spreading its thin Humorless smile all across the ceiling. No, […]

Trekking the Bend in the Road

My mom was widowed at twenty. As she went from place to place searching for somewhere to live, I tagged along beside her. It was difficult to find a safe shelter to stay in since we were part of the “lower society.”  After a long search, an ashram that offered shelter to homeless people decided to take us in. Despite the peace and […]

Running Away

The moon spread its evil grin over the forest, its rays leering and poking fun at me. I turned away, and there by me lay the tired Kathleen. The reflection of water played against her face. Yes, she is very pretty. But still I had no hope of surviving now. Looking down at her face, […]

I Remember Clearly!

I remember; I remember clearly The day my father died. He was hanging like a piece of cloth from the fan I remember clearly –  The rancid stench of his stale liquor breath That clings to him like a desperate child Tickling my nose And mocking his dead eyes into red. I remember clearly The turmoil and […]

Fire And Ice

Fire:         Oh! If my cursed innocence could only Dwell in that blessed Acheron. Since the Curse befell upon my foolish heart I have yet but walked all the lands on The heath, consuming upon the dry and wood, Growing dimmer by the sun’s bright face and Brighter on the moonlit ways, looking Searching, seeking . […]


Friendship is not like the light That you can turn on, Or turn off anytime you wish it to. Friendship is like the darkness; Always present around you – Scary, yet comforting. Unlike the light, It is neither harsh Nor changes with time flying by. Light changes, as does time. But darkness remains forever Covered […]