Running Away

The moon spread its evil grin over the forest, its rays leering and poking fun at me. I turned away, and there by me lay the tired Kathleen. The reflection of water played against her face. Yes, she is very pretty. But still I had no hope of surviving now. Looking down at her face, my memory went back to the same scene once again . . .

Being the youngest in her wolf pack, she was always given a lot of attention. When I looked at her, I fell head over heels in love with her. In my pack, I was supposed to take over because my dad, who was the best and most courageous leader in the pack, died. So then I decided to make Kathleen my wife.
That was a BIG MISTAKE.
Her pack and my pack were never very good since we trespassed the territories during hunting. But when my pack went hunting one day, I pulled her off into the bank of the river. The starry night was very beautiful, and the moon drifted lazily among the clouds. I could hear my pack howling in search of me, but I did not bother. I proposed to her. She said that she would get married, but her pack would not let it happen, so I then went and called my best friend Avery. He wedded us secretly under the glassy moon. The last part of our wolf wedding was to exchange a blood oath for our marriage together.
When she laid her beautiful paws on mine, my pack saw it from a distance. But quickly Kathleen bounded off, and by the time my pack arrived, she was gone from their sight.
That night I made Avery swear that he would not breathe a word to anyone about our marriage. In the morning the nights’ sightings were forgotten by most except one wolf named Shaggy who I despised very much. He kept a very close watch on me.
One day, Avery and I were fighting for a piece of meat. Being stronger than him, I won it fair and square, but Avery was very angry, and accidentally let it slip that I was wedded to Kathleen. Immediately, Shaggy bounded upon me and slapped me. He then broadcast the news to my pack. They decided not only to hurt Kathleen, but also the pack.
I went to find her and saw that the pack too had found out, and Kathleen was already injured badly. Carefully I attacked the pack from behind and pulled her back and raced from the pack. I took her on my back and raced to the hill where I jumped from one cliff to another (which no one else could do) and carried her safely to the bank of another river. I slid her off my back. Now I stand here guarding her life because . . . a gift of love . . . that’s what she is to me.
Now I will start my own pack with her, and we will live happily together. Then I know the thorns of this life will fade away into a beautiful rose, and I will be able to live with her forever.


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