I Remember Clearly!

I remember;

I remember clearly

The day my father died.

He was hanging like a piece of cloth from the fan

I remember clearly – 

The rancid stench of his stale liquor breath

That clings to him like a desperate child

Tickling my nose

And mocking his dead eyes into red.

I remember clearly

The turmoil and confusion.

My mothers eyes paled

And her lips trembled

As in front of her eyes her whole world came crashing down.

At first

Silent tears streamed down her face

And silence was dead

But with a low guttural sound

Like an injured animal

My mother fell down far below those numb suspended feet

And bawled her eyes out.

I remember clearly

The nonstop tears flowing down her face

Like the water leaking from an unclosed tap\

All i could think to myself was

“My god!”

Her eyes are black and blue

Her eyes are black and blue cringing with the horror of reality

While she holds on to his legs and demands,

“Why the hell did you leave me without telling good-bye?”

Like a goodbye could have made me painless

Or not made her weep her heart away with his dead body.

I know that as well as i know my own name;

I remember clearly

To another time, another scene

My mother was sprawled on the cold, bare cement floor

Her lips bleeding

And her breath panting

Over her stood my father

His eyes filled with murder like a homicidal maniac

Holding a thick branch of bamboo

Soon to come crashing down on my mother…!

I closed my eyes –

I heard a noise;



I opened my eyes

My mother sat in the corner

Hugging her own legs

While my father lay drunkenly unconscience

And the stick lay loosely gripped in his hand

This is what it was to live with a man

That god labelled as my “father”!

I remember clearly

The day my father died – 

He was hanging like a piece of cloth from the fan.


2 thoughts on “I Remember Clearly!

  1. Wow. I really don’t know how to respond, I am kind of speechless. That is an absolutely beautiful and touching poem. It captured so much emotion, yet was so simply written.

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