Fire And Ice

Fire:         Oh! If my cursed innocence could only

Dwell in that blessed Acheron. Since the

Curse befell upon my foolish heart

I have yet but walked all the lands on

The heath, consuming upon the dry and wood,

Growing dimmer by the sun’s bright face and

Brighter on the moonlit ways, looking

Searching, seeking . . . (sighs)

For my Chalice, but to no avail.

[Indistinct singing, fire moves closer to hear]

Ice : (singing) . . . Fly to who holds thy heart

You’ll be free and happy as ever

Walking under thou love’s love.

[Ice looks up and sees fire]

[Both lock eyes]

Fire:         Do I see right? Do my eyes behold me

Wrong? Oh tell me sweeting, is there such a thing as

Love at first sight, or should I dare again, for a

Repeated many moments, walk by you again

For you to love me too?

Ice:          Could it be true, are not thou my knight in

The burning armor, the angel of

My dreams? Oh! So long and hard have

I looked for thou; where were you?

I have grown hard and cold waiting under

These many moons, for thy arrival.

Fire:         Could it be true, art thou my cure, my end

To this burning immortality and

All consuming murder? Yes, it must be

Cause thou art the very same like he said it

Would be, the scent so pure and innocent,

Yet tinged with guile and sharpness, and yes

Thy face so white and clear, that it

Could lure the devil from hell. Am I that devil,

That dares loiter around these gates of purity?

Oh! As cursed as I am I but cannot

Make you mine, I will free myself of this

Omen and maybe many lifetimes later

Thou and I shall meet, uncursed and just

Meant to be.

Ice:          No, no, thou cans’t mean thy death, thy forever

Vanishment! I’ll not take it, I love –

Fire:         Forget me in haste, do not linger here

In memories so little and sweet, I’ll

Come hither to thee, and sink my teeth, my

Burning tongue, yea my parched throat in thy

Medicine; Forget me, dear one, cause in

Haste I came and in waste I shall go.

Farewell to thee maiden, my pretty ice girl.

[Fire bites ice]

[Fire dies]

[Ice melts]

Ice:          Oh no! It cannot be true! Look there, he

Is disappearing into the wind and

I can see him no more. And me? He has

Freed me from my jail, my hardened shell. Oh,

My dear knight, don’t fret at all, I swear

To you that each and every one of my drops of tears

Will take any form it can, like that unseen

Vapor with the clouds, or that monstrous sheet

Of rain.

I will travel the world and the underworld too

If I must, till you are back, here with me

Where you belong. Wait, my love, I’m coming

For you.

[Water flows away]

To Be Continued…


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